We don’t need another blog!

There are so many quilting blogs out there, I’ve never even considered starting one myself. But, as I finished a quilt for myself last night, I was thinking my Facebook friends may be tiring of my persistent posts about quilts and quilting. So, I thought maybe I should start a blog about quilting (and various other crafts) to focus on what I love (and all my friends don’t necessarily share that love!). I doubt there will be many people who stumble upon it and even fewer who follow it, but that’s not the purpose. It’s to record this journey I’m on. I love to talk about quilts, look at quilts, make quilts, gift quilts, and snuggle under them.

I’ve been blessed to have people in my life who understand what it means when a crafter makes something for them. Because they love it when I make something for them, I love to do it! I’ve recently begun quilting for Homeplate, a local nonprofit that provides services to homeless teens. Over the holidays, I took them four baby quilts I’d made for the young women with babies. I’ll continue make those, but they’ve requested a larger quit for their community area where they provide daycare and have group meetings. I’m thinking they’ll need more than one!

Usually, when I make quilts they’re for others. I made a quilt for myself about 20 years ago and a couple years ago I made travel quilts for Becky and me. It was shortly before our trip to Ireland in March 2012. But, other than that, my quilts always go to others. Well, until last night that is. I finished a quilt for me last night!

Here’s the travel quilt. I believe it’s the first one I made after I got my Grace frame and Juki mid-arm machine. I’m longing for the day I get my very own long-arm. A girl can dream!



And, here’s the quilt I finished last night. I’m working from home today, so I’m making myself comfortable and snuggling under my new quilt!






My plan is to record my quilting here and also to add tutorials, blogs, and such that I want to reference in the future. Today I was excited to find a tutorial for doing a faux piping technique for binding quilts. I can’t wait to try it! 


Bind your quilt with faux piping 




Onward and upward!

Onward and upward!

Loaded on the frame.